Author: fikriemre

Mobile TowerDefence

I started new mobile game. This  is the first prototype of game mechanics. I will make tower defence game for android

Shaman Mace

Shaman Mace

Munhankash has been defending their lifes many nights from shadows. They are doing pretty well but many rains ago situation was opposite. Shadows were taking huge hits from sharp and fast weapons so than they started to wear armors for protection.At that time elder one has been massacred

Shaman Project


In the desert of Mohalio there is a little community  lived near of Forshun endorheic basin. These people call them self Munhankash. This means forgotten in their ancient language. No one knows how life started here because Forshun is in the middle of nowhere.Many stars disappeared and  their great sun borned. They are forgottens.

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