In the desert of Mohalio there is a little community  lived near of Forshun endorheic basin. These people call them self Munhankash. This means forgotten in their ancient language. No one knows how life started here because Forshun is in the middle of nowhere.Many stars disappeared and  their great sun borned. They are forgottens.

There is not much animal or plants around here.Only a lot of  weak wains feeds big salty lake. But this circumstances  don’t make you think they are powerless.They had a lot of time to adapt to the environment.

One of the animal called Murhush evolved to live in here.Murhush means less seen in their language.They have incredible hiding skill.Desert conditions make them very lazy for movement.They have to storage energy.Their bones collect minerals  for energy. They need minerals. Munhankash Shamans hunt them for their bones. They naturalize  salty water by  Murhush bone.

In night time  shadows walks near their tents.Munhankash  Only defense  is shamans  spells.

As you see Shamans are very important for Munhankas society.




I planned model five weapon and one character.From now i finished two weapon and half way of one weapon.